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Can a polyamorous person be in a monogamous relationship?

A person that identifies as polyamorous can be in a monogamous relationship if they choose to be. It can be difficult and will require a lot of open communication and flexibility as the poly person may feel they aren’t getting their ne...

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Am I ready for family therapy?
Family Therapy is a unique perspective where we can actually see the dynamics in a family system and adjust them on the spot. As a trained systemic therapist, we always understand and use a whole system approach with any client.

Thrive Relational Therapy - Marri...

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How can I be ethically non monogamous?

Ethical non monogamy is consensual between multiple partners, allowing for and supporting multiple relationships. It is very important that it be open, talked about in depth. It won’t be necessary to keep secrets as communication is key. Apply the same le...

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Is it possible to work through infidelity?

Yes! Many couples state they feel happier, healthier and more satisfied in their relationship after the process of healing from infidelity. Experts say it's possible for couples to go on to have a happy relationship after infidelity, provided they're...

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The grief paradigm of affairs.
If you have looked up affairs or infidelity on the internet, you have likely gotten an onslaught of information, largely related to how bad the affair partner is, how their moral compass is off, and the oldie but goodie, “once a cheater, always a cheater” nonsense....

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Can a marriage survive infidelity without counseling?

If you and your partner are still able to communicate with each other, then surviving infidelity without counseling is definitely possible. There are many self help books around infidelity that may be beneficial for couples to read with the...

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Michele Yurgin, LMHC, LPC-I
My name is Michele Yurgin (she/her/hers) and I am a sex positive, trauma informed, and inclusive counselor with knowledge and experience with individuals and couples counseling. I believe people can change behaviors and everyone can achieve happiness. Through counseli...

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Sex Therapy Modalities

If you have ever talked to me about sex, healing sexual trauma, intimacy or anxiety reduction in sex you have likely heard me make mention of sensate focus. I believe it to be one of the most useful tools or interventions in sex therapy, and in emotional and intimate re-...

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Does counseling help cheaters?

A therapist can help if the couple wishes to save the relationship, or if a person is hoping to heal and move forward. The therapist may call unhealthy relationship patterns into question. These could include codependency, emotional abuse, or repeated affairs. T...

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Thrive Relational Therapy of Vancouver

About Marissa Talarico, MA, LMFT

I’m Marissa Talarico, a sex positive therapist who believes in the power of human connections and strive to create a caring, non-judgmental environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves. I have found that using a straightforward approach helps many couplesindividuals, and families identify their greatest challenge, and gain the courage to find alternative strategies to move past it. I have had many previous clients, friends, family and co-workers tell me that my straight-forward approach demonstrates care and depth in my relationships.I view the therapeutic process through a systemic lens. What this means to you as a client, is that I will consider all context into what we talk about, and together, we will be guided by our past journey, to understand our future goals. I strive to help you find your ideal balance, in your life, relationships, and future goals. I understand that we don’t often just have one important thing to talk about, or one hurt. I will collaborate with you to gain understanding to your true self, so you can see yourself as the person you want to be!We all seek out counseling for different reasons. And we are all in different places in life, so comparing yourself to friends or family may not be effective. I work most commonly with individuals, or relationships that are experiencing difficulty in sex or intimacy, working through affair recovery, working to open up a polyamorous or open relationship, or struggle to find their ideal relationship balance. It may be a relationship transition, difficulty with sex or intimacy, or the recent disclosure of infidelity. Regardless of the reason that brought you to counseling, I strive to walk with you, hear your pain, and build connections in your life to help you thrive!I believe that all people thrive on connections. Each of us deserves a safe place to speak what’s on our mind and work through challenges that life may present. I offer a truly non-judgmental place to process your most hidden turmoil.I often see folks struggling with relationships, sexual or intimacy issues, relationship transitions, or anxiety around life circumstances. I believe that through increased connections utilizing our inner strength and deepening emotional connection each of us can walk out of these challenges to a fulfilling life.It is my goal to allow our therapeutic relationship to be the safe foundation of change for you. I offer a warm, validating, direct stance to challenge when necessary and hold a safe space when connection is needed. I believe therapy is a collaborative process, and will work with you on your journey of happiness and healing.​I hold a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a focus on sex therapy from Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon. I currently practice in Vancouver, Washington

Am I ready for sex therapy?

Sex therapy can be anxiety provoking. Who wants to go share their deepest secrets or most embarrassing challenges, right? Well, you are certainly not alone in feeling that way. And with our warm, non-judgmental approach you will feel at ease quickly. You might be ready for sex therapy if you are tired of feeling alone or isolated, experience anxiety when thinking about your challenge or talking to your partner(s) about it. You might be ready for sex therapy if you feel confused if what you experience is typical for others, or if you want to change a compulsive behavior such as porn or sex addiction. Thrive Relational Therapy is one of the only sex-positive Vancouver therapists, and it’s our goal to provide a relaxed non-judgmental space for discussion. If you have more questions and don’t know if you are ready, don’t hesitate to give us a call!Am I ready for family therapy?Family Therapy is a unique perspective where we can actually see the dynamics in a family system and adjust them on the spot. As a trained systemic therapist, we always understand and use a whole system approach with any client, but with family counseling you will find direct healing in each session. Imagine having the ability for your parent to truly hear what you are saying? Imagine as a parent, hearing and having the opportunity to validate your teen’s feelings. Counseling as a family is a whole system, and a collaborative approach that will allow growth and healing for every member of the family. You may be ready for family therapy if you are at a loss as to how to manage conflict or confusion with your family, if you feel unheard or unvalidated, if you have a difficult time talking with your parents or teens, and if you are ready for multiple family members to make changes.How do I know if you are the right therapist?In your search for a Vancouver therapist, you’ll come across many professionals who might be a good fit. How do you know who is right.Is it too cliche to say, “You will just feel it” or “it will feel right”? Maybe so, but it is also true. 

Affair Recovery – Healing from Infidelity  

Do you suspect your spouse or partner is having or has had an affair? Or has it recently been disclosed that an affair has happened? This can be one of the most trying and emotionally painful times in a individual or couples lives. Many people have swirling thoughts, confusion, anger, and find themselves feeling very anxious. If any of this sounds like you, I can offer infidelity counseling. I am here to help.In an infidelity counseling session, I work with couples to first determine where they are at. This means I will walk with you to allow for you to process your hurt while asking you pointed questions to better gain understanding on if you wish to stay in the relationship. Betrayal is complicated, and while there isn’t always a cut-and-dry reason as to why an affair has happened, I will work to help gain understanding for you and your spouse to answer the “why” question. 

Couples and Relationship Therapy  

​Let’s be honest, being in a relationship is hard. It isn’t uncommon to experience challenges, and when they arise, it can be really difficult to decide what the next step is. I see my role in couples and relationship therapy as a person to sit with you, where you are in the moment and help guide the way in mending the broken pieces of your relationship. I often have couples come to me that have been married for an extended time, trying to determine if they want to save their relationship. This can be one of the hardest decisions anyone makes in their life, and you deserve to make it in the most supportive, non-judgmental environment possible. Some of my areas of specialty include working with couples in transition, relationship discernment, couples navigating different parenting styles, blended families, infidelity, and couples who experience challenges in financial, parenting, or sexual differences.How do I know if couples therapy is right for me?If you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, you may want to consider relationship therapy. This can be scary, and you may wonder if you are a good fit. It is certainly vulnerable to attend couples therapy and express/hear some of the challenging aspects in your relationship, but this is what makes couples therapy so healing! Some couples also choose to attend couples therapy as a reminder of many aspects of their relationship that are going well. 

 Sex Therapy

I’m Marissa Talarico, a sex positive therapist. Ready to talk about sex? Let’s explore some common questions about sex therapy…A Sex Positive Therapist, A No-Shame SpaceAs relationships evolve, it isn’t uncommon to experience sex or intimacy difficulties. As individuals, it isn’t uncommon to experience, anxiety, addiction, or feelings of isolation in regards to sexual desires or satisfaction.As a sex positive therapist, I find that for many couples, that attend therapy after many years of marriage or being in a relationship identifying that sexual differences or dissatisfaction is a primary concern for them. Engaging in sex therapy can be uncomfortable and scary at times, which is why I strive to encourage open and honest reflection of sexual desires, finding true pleasure in your relationship. Many clients I have worked with tell me they respond well to my direct approach, feeling secure that I won’t mislead in therapy. I use compassion to walk with you through shame, guilt, embarrassment and confusion.Individuals may attend therapy to discuss their sexual preferences, shame in sexuality, addiction or sexual isolation that has negatively impacted their well-being.Because I identify as a sex positive therapist, I ensure that I come from a non-judgmental, compassionate place to listen to your sexual concerns, and find ways to incorporate your sexual desires into your relationships. With my training in sex therapy, I am able to work with a wide range of challenges including; sexual or pleasure differences, understanding intimacy after children, arousal difficulties, as well as sex or porn addictions, fetishes, differences in desire (low or high sexual desire), navigating non traditional relationships, open relationships and polyamory relationships.How do I know if sex therapy is right for me?When we refer to therapy being one of the most vulnerable and yet rewarding experiences of a person’s being, we forgot to mention sex therapy! Sex therapy is historically fairly new. Since sex continues to be a taboo subject in our society, and for many families it is very hush hush, it may feel very uncomfortable to seek out sex therapy. Let me tell you, you are not alone! This is part of why we need more sex positive therapists!For many attending sex therapy, they state they are embarrassed, ashamed, or uncertain about their concerns. Sex therapy can be helpful to manage any number of challenges, including but not limited to feeling a dissatisfaction of sex in your relationship, pleasure differences, infidelity, sex or porn addiction, navigating open relationships, or reigniting the flame. For many couples and individuals speaking the genuine truth about their sexual concerns can alleviate a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.​What should I expect in sex therapy?

 Individual Counseling

How do I know if individual counseling is right for me?Most people experience general confusion, sadness, anxiety, and struggle with general life transitions. But for many, these can pile on top of one another, and be too great to manage on your own. Making the decision to engage in individual therapy takes immense courage. You will take this courage and dedicate yourself to healing.

My office offers sex, couples, and individual adult therapy in Vancouver, Washington. 

It is a comfortable location to talk about your goals and challenges. Contact me using the form below, or give me a call.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver Washington, Thrive Relational Therapy a warm, welcoming, private space for you to share your challenges.  

The Providence Academy building has  easy access from both I-5 and Highway 14, my office is surrounded by great restaurants and coffee spots. 

There is free visitor parking on site, and is private. Of all the locations offering infidelitycouples, sex or adult 
therapy in Vancouver, you won’t find a better location to safely share your thoughts.

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